´╗┐ Heaviest Snatches of All-Time (+105kg)
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Heaviest Snatches of All-Time (+105kg)

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Regarding Top 3:
Video takes respective lifter's best effort. For example, Krastev, along with his 216kg, has also snatched 215.5kg&215kg, but for the sake of this video only his best lift was considered.

**Rezazadeh's lift at around 3:30 is incorrectly marked. It should be 207.5kg. Slip up on my part, my apologies. Thanks to epaluoma for pointing this out.

Regarding Honorable Mention:
This is simply a compilation of other heavy lifts, both official and unofficial. It is not exhaustive, nor was it intended to be. In many ways I am limited to what youtube has to offer. This is a major reason why Salimi's unofficial 217kg was not included -- I simply could not find a good video of it.

Anyway, if you notice any errors please let me know, and if you hate the music then use the mute button :) Thanks for watching and checkout some of my other videos:

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