Isaiah Thomas - Fantastic Finisher

Isaiah is a sight to behold. Standing at 5’9’’, he’s about the same height as Nate Robinson, which means they are the shortest players in the NBA. That makes no difference to Isaiah, of course. His forceful forays to the rim are made all the more impressive by the fact that he goes around, under, and most of the time, even through bigger guys.

The 6th man of the year runner-up in 2015 brings an intensity and aggressiveness to the Celtics that was lacking before the trade. He finished the season third in free throws attempted per game by point guards (behind Russell Westbrook and Eric Bledsoe).

The little lefty is incredibly crafty. His handle is tricky and his touch is terrific. He contorts his body any way he needs to in order to get the contact and force free throws. He seems to crave contact, like a few other guards who come off the bench and bring that scoring punch (Manu & Harden) and it’s always an adventure with how he gets to the line. Playing for one of the league’s great franchises, Thomas has a name that reminds of the all-time great (though spelled slightly different), but under Brad Stevens’ brilliance, he may show that he’s a name worth mentioning in his own right.
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