MMA Tutorials - 3 submissions from guard pass (short version)
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MMA Tutorials - 3 submissions from guard pass (short version)

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The purpose of this video is to introduce a favorite complementary set of techniques that I use in my game every time I step on the mat.This set of techniques relies upon the ability to predict your opponents reaction to a common position/transition in BJJ. As you are grappling a human being,¬ a machine or a monkey, you can make some generally specific assumptions about your opponents reactions.We start off with a classic cross side pass. When we cross side pass properly, we keep the opponents cross side leg pinned, by not passing our leg entirely through,¬ allowing their leg to cross our centerline either.When we present this position/transition to our opponent, they typically come up with 1 of 3 common responses.

The first response is to try&maintain guard, as we know, grapplers tend to view grappling from guard as much more successful then grappling from bottom of side mount or mount. In doing so, our opponent places his cross side foot on our hip. This attempt to keep guard presents us with the opportunity to apply a nice ankle lock / knee bar, that requires us to trap the ankle, place the piano wire (bony part of your arm, just up from your thumb right above the wrist) on our opponents Achilles tendon, pinch our knees together, drive our hips in,&rotate the piano wire up&through for the submission.The second typical response is to attempt to secure an underhook. In doing so, we are presented with the opportunity to apply a darce choke. I prefer to punch the same side hand through, come over the top with the cross side hand, apply a gable grip, break posture, land my piano wire on the carotid artery, slide nicely into a RNC grip, drive their shoulder into the other carotid artery,&squeeze in a folding manner to apply the submission.The third response (ideal) is that weve beaten the opponent to the punch,&secured an under hook from this position. In doing so, we have been presented with the opportunity to attempt a far side arm bar. When we secure the under hook, we tighten up the underhook by pulling it into our body, tight to our chest. We will next stuff the head through the hole (right between our legs), spin around the head, place the shin vertically underneath the arm pit, pinch the knees together, hug the arm,&move our entire body back to apply the submission.This is one of my favorite positions/transitions in BJJ right now,&I hope youve enjoyed viewing/reading a bit about it. A special thanks goes to Ramsey Dewey, for inviting me to his gym&filming&editing the footage.

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