My thoughts about Zyzz - Not just his body - Aesthetic Revolution
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My thoughts about Zyzz - Not just his body - Aesthetic Revolution

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Here is something his brother (chestbrah) wrote on his facebook wall after he died:

ive had this on my mind for a while and its been bugging the absolute hell out of me so im just going to say it. FUCK YOU Thialand, FUCK YOU to death for robbing my brother of his life. FUCK your government, FUCK your people. I will never step foot into your fucking shithole of a country. There are too many inconsistencies with how my brother died(rip). Why did it take the embassy 3 days to contac
t our family to let us know what happened? ill fucking tell you why, because the fucking government were hiding something from us, im 100% certain something happened over there and when they realised who Aziz was they covered it up knowing how much it would affect the countries tourism if people knew the real reason for his death. Why did they perform an autopsy without informing and asking our family for permission first? what where they trying to hide? Why did it take them 8 FUCKING days to bring back my brothers body to Australia so he could be buried in peice. Why did they keep changing their stories? First he passed away in a Sauna, then a spa...then they changed it to him falling asleep in a massage parlour and not waking up. Ill be Damed if he passed away in his sleep at 22 years of fucking age, 2 days before he was due to come home...what are the chances of something like that happening? I can guarantee you if Aziz never went to Thialand he would still be alive today. FUCK you Thialand, Damm your nation to hell.►►► My recommended supplements:
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Keep working out hard and stay dedicated! BOOM!

Alon Gabbay

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