Steve Nash - Fantastic Finisher

Steve Nash has every feint and fake in the book. From his hesitation and hip swivel, to his patented probe dribble, Captain Canada created space like no other. Did he invent the off foot scoop or the jail dribble? Probably not, but he used every possible piece of deception and misdirection to generate just enough space to get his shot off. In a league filled with some of the tallest and greatest athletes in the world, Nash knew the spots he needed to get to in order to orchestrate the offense, and he negotiated just enough real estate to craftily carve up a defensive scheme. His hesitation created devastation. His passing ability and creativity constantly caused chaos for defenders because he was one of the league’s savviest scorers, but also one of the greatest passers in NBA history. It was always pick your poison with Steve: play him tight and he’ll go right around you, play off of him and statistically one of the greatest shooters ever would have an open jumper, and no matter what you did or didn’t do, he could pass it around, over, or through you if he really wanted to.

Today we’re here to look at the former Santa Clara bronco’s finishing. If you need a reminder of the first ballot Hall of Famer’s resume, here are some highlights: 2x NBA Most Valuable Player. 8x NBA All-Star. 3x All-NBA 1st Team. 2x All-NBA 2nd Team. 2x All-NBA 3rd Team. 5x NBA Assist Leader. 4x 50-40-90 Club member. The best free throw shooter in NBA history. From a team standpoint? Steve spearheaded six of the 12 best offensive units in NBA history. Now we get to look a little bit about he crafted his rack attacks. Enjoy!

Yes, I know I reused some of my older material, but I was caught up in the sentimentality of his recent retirement. I decided that since it gained a little extra traction because of BBALLBreakdown’s interview of John Wall and trimming a chunk of that clip of Stevie, that it was worth it to expand. So here’s a longer video about his finishing that you can use for film study. Footwork is the foundation of this video, obviously, so don’t forget to take notes on that.

Shoutout to Javier BF ( He didn’t put his name on the OLD material he formatted to high-def, but everyone else who I borrowed from has their clips labelled in the video, so I wanted to give him a little credit.
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