UKBFF South Coast 2014 Bodybuilding Show
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UKBFF South Coast 2014 Bodybuilding Show

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Video highlights from the UKBFF South Coast bodybuilding show held in Portsmouth on 27th April 2014.

UKBFF South Coast 2014 Full Results -

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1 Joey Stepp
2 Marcus Parvell
3 Jit Mattu

Also Competed:
Darshan Patel, Ryan Crowley, Yasir Choudry, Gage Girton, Marcus Cheeynen, Tommie Were and Kadeem Huffstad

Bikini up to 163 cm
1 Joanna Mazurkiewicz
2 Sophie Cooper
3 Timea Nagy

Also Competed:
Danielle Freeman, Jatherine Steele, Thereza Mytton, Kerry Bexon, Sarah Wate, Heidi Dunford, Ami Ruff, Lisa Dean, Samantha Kane and Alex Temple

Bikini up to 166 cm
1 Joanna Wolosz
2 Jamelah May
3 Charlotte Jones

Also Competed:
Annabel Bennet, Nicola Wetherall, Lauren Twine, Jessica Dubb and Brooke Murray

Bikini over 166 cm
1 Cara Webb
2 Jenna Richards
3 Lynsey Trehame

Also Competed:
Helen Day, Tracy Hill, Laura Smith, Emma Ledbrook, Olivia Ryan, Kerrie West and Daisy Leah

1 Rob Smith
2 Adam Blackler
3 Colin Saunders

Also Competed:
Dan Connor, Melvyn Ansell, Tom Bishop and Jamie Allen

Women's physique
1 Lorna Macdonald
2 Koulla Kakouli
3 Tegan Simmons

Also Competed:
Nicolla Isaac

Masters over-40s
1 Simon Reid
2 Gary Wood
3 Jerry Blackwell

Also Competed:
Andy Lidbury and Chris Procter

Masters over-50s
1 Garry Scales
2 David Powell
3 Kyriakos Menicou

Also Competed:
Bob Baiker, Steve Baker and Philip Hindmarsh

1 Donna Murphy
2 Karen Nicklen
3 Katherine Valentor

Also Competed:
Fenya Huxley, Sylvia Sobota, Samantha Cornwell, Louise Jeffrey, Lohraine Denman

Intermediates under-80 kg
1 Dave Thomas
2 Krzysztof Kozlowski
3 Spencer Orchard

Also Competed:
James Haddock, Tom Pereira, James Crossin and Andrew Smerdon

Intermediates under-90 kg
1 Shaun Burchell
2 Joe Baxter
3 Simon Thewis

Intermediates over-90 kg
1 Nick Bostock
2 Xavier Neau-Glaterhall
3 Dan Champion

Also Competed:
Alexandros Musihzadeh, Dominic Gifford and Squaddy

Men's physique up to-174 cm
1 Dan Galeru
2 Josh Leader
3 Olivier Curcio

Also Competed:
Trevor Blackley, Andrew Jenkins, Sam Doo, Richard Collins, Thomas Mayes, Philip Divers, Gareth Jones, Luke Wilson, Jonny Abbey, Phil Talahadas and Darran Smith

Men's physique up to 178 cm
2 Joe Rymell
1 George Ball
3 John Champion

Also Competed:
Benn Grodwick, Dannis Yentumi, Robert Carpenter, Oliver Rumble, Kalbir Cheema and Adam Boyd-Brown

Men's physique over-178 cm
1 Romaine Hole
2 Charlie Francis
3 Zac Fetheringham

Also Competed:
Andrew McCrea, Gareth Davies, Will Hamilton, Thomas Bass, Jamaine Donkor, Nathan Smart, Matthew Wren, Michal Rakowski, Michael Stepton, Stephen Downing, Adam Sole, Lewis Agnew, Jamie Simpson, Stephen Ash and Adam Tye

Classic bodybuilding
1 Rohallah Saltani
2 Zoltan Motraf
3 Martins Laksevics

Also Competed:
William Ibaa Wahbah, Stephen Frost, Peter Ruprich, Charles Vitta, Darren Kaufman, James Johnston, Piotr Bana and Mark Whitter

Up To 70 Kgs
1 Adam Rhys Davies
2 Gregorio Arias
3 Peter Steel

Also Competed:
Gareth Parkman, Tristan Watkins, Karl Tibbet and George Fereos

Up To 80 Kgs
1 James Kennedy
2 James Morris

Up To 100 Kgs
1 Kirt Elliot
2 Dave McCall
3 Wojchiech Frankowski

Also Competed:
Tom Ramsay and Richard Munday

Over 100 kgs
1 Luke Sandoe
2 Piotr Budzinski
3 George Kraveil

Also Competed:
Tim Merson

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