Yoga Backbends, Anjanayasana with Kino
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Yoga Backbends, Anjanayasana with Kino

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Originally filmed for Kino Yoga IG:
Find Kino more online here:

This is a wonderful preparation for deep backbends. Starting off in a lunge with your back knee resting on the ground inhale as you lift your spine upwards like in Warrior One. To take it deeper, exhale as you use the space to bend through your spine and arch your back while reaching towards your foot. If you can see your foot you might be able to reach back and hold your ankle. Sometimes shifting your weight back towards the ankle will help give you the space to catch it--then after you catch it, shift back forward to deepen your backbend. If you're working on splits, Chakra Bandasana, Natarajasana or Kapotasana this is a great prep.

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