Yoga Backbends, Dhanurasana Variation with Kino
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Yoga Backbends, Dhanurasana Variation with Kino

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Originally filmed for Kino Yoga IG:
Find Kino more online here:

I show you the basic version which most people can do and then a more advanced version where the top of the head is on the ground. The basic posture, simple bridge, is an easy yoga technique to prepare for healthy alignment in backbends. Keep the feet parallel, the thighs internally rotating, the lower belly draw in and the pelvic floor firm. Then lift to create space between the vertebra as you inhale and lift the body off the ground, expanding the chest and the ribcage. If done regularly this can be a therapeutic technique to treat herniated discs. Don't push hard here, instead just work on technique and stability. Don't force yourself to do the advanced option unless you feel really stake in the basic.

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